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Oakley 3-D glasses land RealD certification

The products can now be used in theaters equipped with the Beverly Hills-based company's technology.

By Caitlin AdamsPublished: February 16, 2011 02:26 PM

Foothill Ranch-based Oakley's products will now reach an even wider audience, thanks to an official certification from RealD Inc., the world's most widely used 3-D cinema technology. With the designation, Oakley's 3-D glasses can be used in theaters equipped with the Beverly Hills-based company's technology.

“RealD certification is another step toward our objective of aligning the entire industry to the best technologies possible for 3-D glasses, and Oakley will provide those technologies,” said Oakley CEO and former Hot 25 honoree Colin Baden. “Oakley has no intention of being just another player in the realm of 3-D glasses. We will lead the industry as the hallmark of innovation and our icon will be synonymous with leading-edge performance.”

Best known for its original sunglasses designs, Oakley combined its unique frame structures with innovative lens technology that maximize the 3-D experience. And, the company plans to develop a broader range of 3-D glasses. Premium models in the line, such as the Oakley 3-D Gascan edition, will feature the brand’s new HDO-3-D technology. The company describes the new lenses as “optically correct,” but distinguishes that they should not be confused with prescription glasses, since the lenses themselves are non-corrective.

“Oakley is an iconic brand known worldwide for delivering innovative eyewear,” said Joseph Peixoto, president of Worldwide Cinema at RealD. “This certification validates that Oakley eyewear meets RealD’s high standards of quality and are compatible with RealD 3-D-equipped theatres around the world, giving moviegoers the option of seeing their next RealD 3-D film in style and comfort uniquely Oakley.”

Because they aren’t built from a shutter-based system, Oakley’s 3-D glasses don’t use batteries and also don’t require charging. Premium designs will maximize visual clarity and fidelity by virtually eliminating refraction, optical astigmatism and distortion caused by prismatic power, all of which can undermine the quality and performance of conventional 3-D glasses.

The new glasses are Oakley’s first to be made with high-wrap curvature, a feature that extends the wearer’s field of vision and virtually eliminates glare and reflections. They also provide truer alignment of 3-D images by excluding the ghosting – or “crosstalk” – between the images that reach the eyes from one moment to the next.

“We are honored to be granted certification from the world leader and leading global licensor of stereoscopic technologies," Baden said. "RealD is defining the cutting edge of 3-D motion-picture entertainment, and Oakley 3-D lenses will deliver an unrivaled experience in RealD cinemas. We look forward to expanding our roster of products and partnerships as Oakley sets the standard for optical performance in 3-D."

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