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She thinks INSIDE the box

Creative thinking resulted in a new concept for designer Hillary Nichols.

By Kimberly A. PorrazzoPublished: December 01, 2012

You’ve heard the advice on how to think more creatively: “Think outside the box,” experts advise. Hillary Nichols, owner of Costa Mesa-based Hillary Nichols Interiors, has turned that theory inside out with a new product that her company has just launched – a brand extension for her four-year-old interior design firm, created to grow her business. For the customer who does not have the budget for a complete design consultation, Nichols now delivers her services in a most unconventional way: inside a box.
“For the most part, the service that we offer,” Nichols says, “is a luxury service. While we are very fair in our pricing and we definitely try to give our clients a great value, people I’d meet would often say, ‘I’ve seen your website and your work, and it’s so amazing, but I could never afford to hire you.’” 
Now they can.
“I came up with the idea for the Box of Design, a very turnkey solution for someone who wanted a room designed but didn’t have that large chunk of money to invest,” Nichols says. “But they wanted the advice. They wanted the road map. They wanted a color palette, and a style, and an inspiration, and a floorplan. Clients often simply want to know, ‘Where do I put the sofa and where do I buy that?’” she says.
For about one-third the cost of traditional design services, clients can have access to Nichols’ talents. The trade-off is that they do most of the work. With instructions on exactly how to do it, clients measure their rooms, take photos of their space and answer a list of questions that help Nichols’ online design team create a dream room for them.
“Four weeks later,” she says, “we send them a complete interior design in the box.”
It’s even tied with a bow.
Clients receive design boards with custom sketches, floorplans, color palettes and suggestions for furniture and accessories. The Box of Design also includes a specific shopping guide (stored on a flash drive). The entire project is also delivered digitally with active links so clients can click on a suggested item and purchase it.
What began as a strategic move to offer a different price point for customers has yielded an additional benefit: Because all client communication is done online, it’s not necessary for them to be local. With a single new product, Nichols has expanded her geographic footprint, and her potential revenue, exponentially. She’s moved from a home office to the co-op Design Center in Costa Mesa, where a dozen or so other designers work.

“I don’t think interior design should just be available to the wealthy,” Nichols says.

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