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Healthy convenience

Tasty and nutritious grab-and-go meals are available in Newport Beach.

by Linda MelonePublished: October 01, 2012

Great grub: Just grab 'n go
Let’s face it: It’s easier for a celebrity to get in shape than most of us mere mortals. They simply assemble a staff of people to help them. This typically includes a dietician to design a meal plan that helps the pounds to drop off. Now you can do the same thing – without the celebrity price tag.
John Allan, owner of FitFoods4Life in Newport Beach, started his business after spending many years managing health clubs and working as a personal trainer.
“People always struggled with their diets,” Allan says.
He realized that healthy pre-portioned meals that busy people could bring home with them could help. He was right. Allan’s regular customers range from harried moms on their way home from work who want something healthy without having to cook, to bachelors who simply don’t cook.
An on-site dietician, together with an executive chef, brainstorm for menu items that taste delicious and fit a healthy profile of calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein.
All meals are based on the size of the protein portion of beef, chicken or fish. A small meal contains a 3-ounce portion of protein (enough for a single person) or a 5-ounce portion, which can be shared by two people. Most ingredients are organic.
“We’re not a diet place, but a lot of people use our plan that way,” Allan says.
Allan has seen many people lose a considerable amount of weight by eating FitFood4Life’s calorie-controlled portions. It’s all in the portion control, he says. Typical restaurant portions can be more than double the size a person needs.
FitFoods4Life rotates their menu offerings, but a few meals stand out as most popular: Chicken Risotto ($6.75) and Herb and Citrus Crusted Salmon ($9).
“We use brown rice in our risotto,” Allan says, referring to the traditionally creamy rice dish normally known for its rich, calorie-packed ingredients. “We add a little Parmesan cheese along with a list of ‘proprietary’ seasonings for flavor.”
In general, individual meals range from $5 to $10, though customers who sign up for a meal plan can save 15 percent off all of the plan’s meals; this also includes the dietary consultation, says Allan.

1000 Bristol N., Suite 12
Newport Beach; 949.955.3663

FitFoods4Life has a dietician on site, and customers can get a free consultation about their health, fitness and weight-loss goals. From this, they determine a meal plan.