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Saddleback Memorial Hospital unveils new program

Lung cancer screening will raise early detection, survival rates

by Jason WheelerPublished: December 10, 2012 02:15 PM

Saddleback Memorial Hospital in Laguna Hills has unveiled the MemorialCare Cancer Institute’s newest program to combat lung cancer. The Institute’s new lung cancer screening program works to identify the signs of lung cancer early for more positive outcomes. While lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death, early detection can improve treatment.

The technology, low-dose spiral computed tomography, or CT scanning, would detect the cancer at stage one or two at 85 percent or higher frequency. Currently, cases are diagnosed at stage three or four 60 percent of the time. This is limiting both in terms of life expectancy and treatment options.

“We are committed to increasing our early-detection rates of lung cancer,” says low dose imaging expert Dr. Richard Wasley. “With a dosage comparable to a standard mammogram, our low-dose CT scanner uses X-Rays and complex computers to create cross-sectional images that enable clinicians to detect abnormalities much earlier.”

The program ensures a comprehensive, clinical team will care for those diagnosed with lung cancer for. Experts on these teams include radiologists, pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and pathologists. Primary care physicians and cancer nurse navigators also work to harmonize care and help the patient through the experience.

“Our multidisciplinary team is dedicated to delivering the best possible patient outcomes,” said thoracic surgeon Shigeru Chino, M.D. “Our proactive, collaborative approach ensures there are no gaps or delays in the treatment process, and allows us to provide better care for our patients.”

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