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Kurion opens new waste management facility

Kurion celebrates a new Modular Vitrification Systems test facility in Washington

by Kara VaporeanPublished: October 23, 2012 09:15 AM

Irvine-based waste management firm Kurion celebrated the opening of its new Modular Vitrification System test facility in Richland, Wash. with a ribbon cutting ceremony earlier this month. The plant employs a volume reduction and stabilization process that stops waste with the assurance of a long-term environmental isolation.

The ribbon-cutting followed the relocation of the WVS facility from Rolla, Mo. to Richland in July followed by the construction completion of all key elements for the engineering scale MVS pilot system, a system used to mature and commercially demonstrate the MVS technology. Kurion’s larger system will help the US Department of Energy sites and nuclear plants throughout the globe.

Over 75 test runs were completed over 18 months at the Rolla MVS test facility confirming the essential technologies and ability to produce high quality vitrified systems. A Technology Readiness Assessment was issued by the USDE confirming a Technology Readiness Level 3 for the lab scale MVS with a variety of waste streams and glass formulations, which require testing for radioactive and non-radioactive simulants, technology scale-up and a high level of commitment for the envisioned final design.

In a parallel tests, Kurion will confirm the vitrification technology at the MVS lab scale testing program at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Radiochemical Processing Laboratory alongside using the Richland MVS test facility for testing non-radioactive waste simulants. The results from the parallel testing will then validate Technology Readiness Level 6 for targeted waste streams and the ability to deliver commercial technology and the doorstep to government organizations to obtain new technologies.     

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