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Lock your door from Bangalore

‘Earth calling roommate: Buy a Lockitron.’

by larry urishPublished: March 01, 2013

To say my roommate is kind of absentminded is like saying Warren Buffett is kind of rich. A few examples: She’s left her keys in the refrigerator. She’s looked high and low for her wallet while holding it in her hand. And she’s left the house without locking the front door – many times. If all my worldly possessions (including my 30-year-old Hot Wheels collection – sadly, my de facto retirement) were not at stake, I wouldn’t care. But whenever my roomie is in Space Cadet mode and she leaves the door unlocked, my shiny little cars, and everything else I own, are at stake.
Here’s a product that was designed with her in mind: The Lockitron, a clever device that can turn her smartphone into a house key. Used with the Lockitron app, Captain Ozone can lock our door whether she’s in Mission Viejo or Moscow.
Featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and near-field communication technologies, the Lockitron is easily installed by sliding it under an existing inside deadbolt. The product’s built-in knock sensor will alert my roomie whenever anyone is at our doorstep, and if she loses her phone, she can remotely disable her account by changing her password. The product will also send her a text message whenever anyone unlocks our door, even if a key is used. Its built-in sensor will send her a notification when someone knocks on our door, and she can share temporary access with anyone on her phone from anywhere.
Since our world apparently has no shortage of space cadets, the $179 Lockitron is in high demand. According to TechCrunch, when the company co-founders began to take pre-orders for their product, they hit their initial goal of $150,000 within 24 hours. Just five days after launching, they had $1.5 million in pre-orders.
Now, if I can only get my roommate to close the windows ... lockitron.com