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E-waste done right

A Tustin-based company pledges to properly recycle your electronics and keep your records top secret.

by brandon russellPublished: November 01, 2012

It only took one hour – while watching an episode of “60 Minutes” that included a segment on e-waste – for Arman Sadeghi to realize that the electronics recycling industry was repeatedly performing substandard and unsafe disassembly practices. So he founded Tustin-based All Green Recycling.
Since more than 50 million tons of e-waste is produced throughout the world each year, old devices need to be discarded without wreaking havoc on the environment. Used gadgets are often improperly disposed of and can wind up in landfills or remote countries, with very sensitive data still intact.
Safely destructing data is one of All Green’s top priorities: The company guarantees proper data destruction and will shred your old hard drive to ensure that private information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.
Sadeghi and his workforce of more than 100 employees adhere to a sophisticated recycling system that the company says goes well above all EPA regulations and guidelines; All Green currently wields an “e-Stewards” electronics recycler badge, which follows an extensive pledge of guidelines. To that end, the company tracks all of the materials it processes, ensuring that nothing is discarded in a landfill to rot or sent to developing nations for dumping.
Additionally, the company boasts a fleet of mobile “e-shredding” units that will pick up old electronic products from your home or place of business and immediately dispose of them; you needn’t haul in heavy equipment, and there’s no opportunity for sensitive data to be lost during transit.
All Green’s impressive clientele list – including Samsung, Honda, Walgreen, Verizon Wireless and Wells Fargo, among other firms – speaks volumes about its commitment to properly disposing of electronic waste. The company isn’t content to simply recycle discarded tech products in pursuit of fast cash; the primary objective is to promote a healthy and safe work environment, earn customer satisfaction and, ultimately, make the world a better place. allgreenrecycling.com