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Getac overhauls its semi-rugged laptop

The Irvine-based tech manufacturer improves its popular notebook to make it even easier to use in the field

by Gabriel CortésPublished: November 30, 2012 10:45 AM

Getac Inc., the Irvine-based manufacturer of rugged, mobile computing devices, has upgraded nearly every feature on one if its most popular laptop models. Improvements to the Getac S400 notebook include faster processors, a brighter display, better connectivity, and an optional solid-state drive.

When Getac launched the original S400 model in 2010, it was marketed as a semi-rugged laptop: a full-featured notebook computer intended to withstand the trials of rough and demanding field work, but without the weight, heft and price tag of stronger models designed for truly harsh environments. More specifically, the product was tailored for the military, utility, police and fire sectors, whose personnel might require a sturdier and more durable machine than a typical consumer product would be able to provide.

“We designed the S400 with the goal of creating the most rugged laptop in the semi-rugged category,” said Jim Rimay, president of Getac. “With the faster processors, improved graphics and enhanced security features, the [new] S400 is the most powerful and versatile semi-rugged computer we’ve made.”

Those faster processors enable the retooled notebook to perform up to 91 percent faster than the previous generation and execute demanding programs like intricate mapping, live video processing, and license plate recognition. The longer-lasting battery will make running those programs possible.

Changes intended to improve the S400’s outdoor performance include better graphics capabilities and a brighter display that can easily be read in direct sunlight. The backlit keyboard is waterproof, and Getac’s trademarked KryptoShell exterior allows the machine to continue performing in extreme temperatures while withstanding drops, shocks and vibrations.

The new laptop will also have upgraded Bluetooth connectivity, three USB ports, and an optional 256 GB solid-state drive. Getac will begin shipping the new generation of notebooks next month.

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