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Hot 25: 2009 Honorees
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Published: November 01, 2009

Julie Miller-Phipps

Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente, Orange County
Age: 52
Fact: She loves to travel and spent her 50th birthday hot-air ballooning across the Serengeti in East Africa.  
On the issue of health insurance: “Across America, over 47 million individuals do not have health insurance. Sadly, this number continues to grow.”
Julie Miller-Phipps has a lot of customers – more than 400,000, to be exact. She’s the senior vice president and executive director of Kaiser Permanente in Orange County.
As a top executive of a major health-care provider, Miller-Phipps is responsible for overseeing an annual operating budget of $700 million, several hospital campuses and the growth of the insurer’s coverage in Southern California.
Economic uncertainty and imminent federal regulation have set some in the health care industry on edge. Not so with Miller-Phipps. She’s confident in Kaiser’s track record in preventative and family medicine, and has no doubt that it will continue to provide quality care, regardless of whatever regulations are enacted.
And, Miller-Phipps says, Kaiser is already positioned as the leader in family and preventive care across the industry:    “In Orange County, we are the national leader in mammography screenings. ... This is a phenomenal achievement.”

– Caitlin Adams

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