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Hot 25: 2009 Honorees
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Published: November 01, 2009

Dr. Jason Knight

Medical Director, CHOC Emergency Services Transport Team
Age: 38
Fact: He’s been surfing since he was 13, and he often travels to Costa Rica and Mexico to ride the waves.

On one tiny patient and his mom: “To this day, (she) credits me with his survival and celebrates his ‘second birthday,’ the day that I brought him back from asystole (flat-lining). That is powerful.”
Dr. Jason Knight holds a great power: the ability to save children’s lives. This pediatric critical care physician and medical director of the CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County Emergency Services Transport Team never has a slow day at the office. He can see up to 30 patients or more a day. And he helps patients at Hoag Hospital with the assistance of a remote robot that he operates with his laptop.
“I can log on to the robot at Hoag and immediately assess a pediatric patient in the emergency room,” he says. “I can also interact with the family, nurse and doctor at Hoag. It is very helpful for me to visualize the patient so my assessment can assure that he or she is triaged appropriately.”
Sometimes the day doesn’t end at 5 p.m. Knight occasionally has a few 80- to 100-hour weeks. Still, he hopes to enroll in the Health Care Executive MBA program at UC Irvine, so he can easily communicate with the hospital’s executive management team.
“My biggest accomplishment has been watching a few of my patients walk out of the hospital who were near death,” Knight says. “There are about four patients, two recently, who I cared for who could have had poor outcomes but instead are normal, happy children living the life that all children deserve.”

– Ashley Eliot

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Readers Feedback:

Definitely a winner!
Comment at 11/5/2009
he is a Genius!
Comment at 11/6/2009
He is the most amazing Doctor I have ever met!
Comment at 12/6/2009
u rok go dr.knight
Comment at 10/7/2010