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Paul Edalat

By Linda MelonePublished: November 01, 2012

CEO Scilabs Nutraceuticals Inc., Irvine
Hot factor: Created a top line of effective products that help both elite athletes and the general public

Paul Edalat’s enthusiasm for nutrition and fitness started when he first touched a set of weights at age 17. He enjoyed working out, and liked how he looked and felt. As an advocate of all aspects of health, Edalat wanted to help others get in shape. It took a stint in law school before he decided to take action.

“It eventually became pretty obvious that law school just wasn’t for me,” he says. “I knew I had to take action.”
So he started SciLabs Nutraceuticals Inc. 26 years ago while he was still in college. The original line of products features private label formulations, which allow customers to choose from over 1,000 stock ingredients. They offer the latest nutritional components, including resveratrol, acai, maqui, amino acids, minerals and protein powders. The company 
also develops sports nutrition blends, herbal formulations, multi-vitamin and mineral formulas, probiotics, weight loss products and formulas for women.

In response to the growing demand for natural products, four years ago Edalat launched AllProScience, an all-natural line of sports nutrition products. “It’s used by professional athletes and sold in stores including Whole Foods,” he says.
“Our private label line is doing really well. It’s our Rolls Royce brand – all organic and natural.”

Some 90 professional athletes currently use the line and often talk about the products on social media. Edalat takes pride in responding to any negative feedback, although the worst comment thus far was a customer complaining about the flavor of one of his products. Edalat quickly responded and sent the customer something else to ensure his satisfaction. However, nearly every customer has had only good things to say about the products.

Edalat says knowing he’s helping people keeps him motivated each and every day. “No amount of money in the world can bring that kind of happiness.”

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